User Intent Optimization Case Study – VIDEO

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About Me:

My name is Dresean Ryan and I’ve been doing SEO for 4 years. In my time doing digital marketing, I’ve worked with large companies in many different spaces including finance, info product, insurance, Influencer marketing, and more. Currently I am working a full time job as a SEO Manager but I also have my own personal freelance clients on the side as well as many additional projects that generate me side income. I made this channel to help guide those who are seeking a career in Digital Marketing, and hope to be successful in doing so.

Before I knew anything about Digital Marketing, I worked full time as a security guard and I only made about $11 dollars per hour. I was struggling to pay rent and struggling to pay bills until I stumbled across this career to become a digital marketer. Digital marketing has changed my life and I’d like to do the same for everyone out there.

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Our love for Internet marketing is what gets us through the door, but our passion to help clients achieve success is what keeps us going. We feel genuinely love to help people & see them grow at every stage of life.