The Digital Playbook.

Designed to assess the health of your website to gain insights and define how improvements can be made to increase traffic and revenue. 

Need to attract more customers to your website?

You’ve invented an idea for a website that will provide value to your clients, but now that you’ve launched it, you aren’t getting the response that you had hoped for. Traffic is coming up short, users are struggling with certain features, and you are still lightyears away from the infamous return on investment. It’s frustrating and discouraging – especially when you put a tremendous amount of time, energy, and heart into your business.

You aren’t alone.

Founders across the nation have created brilliant websites, and online tools that have failed right out of the gate. You’ve put your blood, sweat, and tears into this, and I want to see you succeed.

Fortunately, the slow burn that you’re experiencing isn’t due to a poor business model. You most likely have not conquered the digital world yet – and with the right tools, education, and support, you can do that!

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Learn how I was able to boost my clients traffic by 100% and increase their sales.

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I’ll help you achieve your goals

I’ve seen too many business owners become discouraged and throw the towel in on an exceptional business idea or website. What my clients don’t understand is that the ah ha moment is only half of the battle. To see success, you need to dominate the marketplace, appeal to users, and be visible online. Unfortunately, most founders don’t understand the comprehensive algorithm that’ll help you succeed.

Which is where I come in.

I help organizations increase traffic and revenue by using highly effective, ethical, and measurable search optimization strategies. During my audit, I’ll determine your current areas of opportunity and optimization, and provide direction on pain points or concerns that may derail your ability for success.

If you’re finally ready to see an increase in your traffic and conversions, then my program may be for you. I completely invest myself in analyzing each of my client’s businesses to identify areas of improvement, so I can prepare a detailed roadmap that aligns with the unique goals of your business. I work with you to provide actionable solutions that will take your business to new heights, so you can finally sit back and enjoy that much-deserved return on investment.

My unique approach and process


During the scoping process, I gain a better understanding of your current challenges and what your overall business goals are.


By conducting a full audit of your website, I’ll determine current areas of opportunity and optimization in your business.


After completing the audit, I develop a detailed and actionable plan that will help increase traffic and conversations with step-by-step instructions on implementation.

Implementation Support

I’ll act as support for your team to help guide them through the process of setting up and deploying the action items listed in the Playbook.

Ongoing consulting support

I’m available for ongoing consulting and optimization strategies.

 How it works


My comprehensive auditing service is designed to strengthen your business and improve risk factors. I’ll analyze the critical items of your website and provide suggestions that’ll make your business bulletproof


You’ll receive a detailed playbook with step-by-step instructions that will assist you in implementing the recommendations I’ve made based on my findings in the audit


Does your entire team need help understanding the audit and playbook? I’m happy to discuss the review and provide insight for implementation with larger groups. 

Here’s what you’ll get

About Me


During this session, we’ll have a 60-90 minute call where we discuss the specifics of your business. I’ll want to know how you’re different from your competitors, what your USP is, etc. This is where I’ll truly gather as much business intel as possible to thoroughly understand your business, so I can act as a true extension of your team when marketing your products or services.


I offer weekly/bi-weekly check-ins with all of my clients to ensure that they feel a constant sense of support during their audit and road-mapping process. During our weekly check-ins, you’ll have the opportunity to seek additional guidance, ask questions, and discuss current achievements with me.


As you progress in your implementation strategy, you may run into some speedbumps that require assistance. I’ll provide dedicated support throughout the entire process, so your new approach is seamless and comfortable for your entire team.


As a business owner, it can be easy to get lost in your own forest. I provide supportive business guidance and unbiased advice that’ll help you on the path to success. I’m committed helping your business thrive. I’ll serve as a supportive and trustworthy business advocate that will provide advice and direction when necessary.

No limits

Ready to get to the next level?

Are you ready to take your online business to new heights? With my services, I’m proud to assist you in achieving your goals and dreams. With several years of SEO experience in the buzzing hub of New York, I’ve mastered how to build a successful online platform and increase sales. It’s time to roadmap your business to success!

Let me help you get to the top.







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