SEO Case Studies

Tech Industry (SaaS)

Explanation: To achieve results like this, we must understand what the search engines are telling us. Based on what Google was telling me, I did a few things that lead to the enormous increase in traffic and rankings:

  • Understanding intent of the search
  • Identifying competitor averages
  • Add content to the page to match intent of what Google was ranking.
  • On Page SEO (Title Tag optimizations, increase keyword density, break up content, add li tags, etc)

App Industry

I collaborated with content writers, web developers, and software engineers to improve the user experience of our website and apps, and was able to grow their traffic by 46.33%. As you can see, not only did their traffic go up, their sessions went up, their bounce rate went down, and their avg session duration went up as well.

To achieve these results, I did:

  • On page SEO
  • Link building
  • Local SEO
  • User Experience Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

CBD Industry

When this client came to me, their traffic had already started to go down. I started optimizing their website to increase their traffic in September, and their traffic and impressions went up dramatically over the next two months following that.

Things that were done to achieve these results are as followed: 

  • In-depth On Page SEO
  • Sitewide SEO Clean Up
  • Site Speed Optimization (Defer Parsing of JavaScript, Properly Size images, Enable Dzip Compression, Minify CSS, Minify HTML)
  • Improve Website Architecture