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What Our On Site SEO Services Incluce

Title Tag & Meta Description CTR Optimization

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Title tags are very valuable and necessary in establishing a good foundation for your preferred keyword especially in on site SEO. They also give users an idea on what your page is all about. We help to improve Title Tags & Meta Descriptions by following best practices such as power words, optimal word length, keyword placement & more.

OG Data/Structured Data

Structured data is a system that matches data with value. Open Graph data on the other hand is a markup form used by social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. These tools enable your webpages to have a good representation in social graphs. We can help you use these tools and turn your webpages into graph objects.

Keyword Research

on site seo servicesKeyword research is the foundation of SEO. You don’t just pick any keywords based on your gut feeling. You need the right keywords in order for your website to appear on top of search engines. You need to find niche topics within your industry and use keywords that are uncommon or untapped by your competition. This is better rather than picking keywords or topics that are common with your competition. We will help you be ahead of your competition.

Internal Link Architecture

on site seoAn internal link is a connection between one page of a website to another page of the same website. For example, you are discussing a certain topic and it is related to another keyword. Instead of explaining the other keyword, you can just use an internal link which has a content that focuses on the other keyword. The source domain and the target domain are the same in an internal link. Internal linking strengthens the overall search optimization value of a website. We can help you create different content for your website and link them accordingly.

Site Speed Optimization

on site seoThe speed of a website is important. A slow webpage or website turns off many users which means fewer page views, lesser conversions, and a decline in customer satisfaction. It is important to have a website that loads quickly. Search engines are also considering the speed of a website in ranking them. We will ensure that your website will have a quick loading time.

URL Structure

on site seoThe URL is the first thing that readers see in search engines that’s why choosing the right URL for your webpage is essential. The URLs are the building blocks of an effective website hierarchy and they direct users to their desired destinations. There are a lot of factors involved when creating a URL that will be effective in driving traffic to your website. These factors are a mixture of accessibility and usability factors. We can share our best practices in coming up with a URL structure for your website.

  • We can make your URL readable and easy to understand.
  • We will help you include keywords in your URL.
  • We will help you keep your URLs short and simple.
  • We will assist you in using canonical tags.
  • We will help you create an XML Sitemap.

Image Optimization

on site seoImage optimization is essential in building a successful website. It means reducing the file size of images for a quicker loading time but choosing quality photos and images that would best represent your products or services and get these images rank higher on image search engines. Alongside that we also include image alt text & file url optimization. We will help you make the best out of the images that your use on your website.

This package only includes our on-page seo services. If you want to dominate locally, check out our Local SEO Services to start crushing your local competition. If you’d like to contact us, you can submit your info down below.

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