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The Power of Local SEO

Optimize the content on your website to hit it big with clients searching for a product or service in your area. You’re searching for something on Google and trust me – Google is a powerhouse. It reads metadata, historical information, IP addresses, keywords, and links to deliver the most high-quality and relevant results to searchers. The good news? With strategic training and proper optimization, you can get your website to dominate the algorithm and pop up for your dream client. With Local SEO, I tailor my services to target your geographic location so provide convenience and relevance to searchers. Here are some fun facts that you should know about: 71-92% of searchers stay on the first page of Google, and 46% of Google searchers are looking for local products or services 

My specialties.



On-page SEO

At SEO Expert NYC, I help you rank by implementing on-page best practices such as meta description & title tag optimization, keyword research, site performance optimization, internal link silos, proper url structure, & image optimization.





Google My Business

Our Google My Business & Yelp Optimization service is a part of the local seo package. It includes best Yelp & GMB practices such as correct category selection for your business, file names in image URL, keywords, and review engagement.





Audience Analytics

I analyze the data in Google Analytics and create ideal buyer personas based on the data that we’re seeing. With that data, we can furthermore increase your local SEO presence and optimize your conversions, as we will have a more vivid picture.





Schema Markup

I’ll add schema markup to your website so Google bots have an easier time understanding what your webpages are about, thus making it easier for Google to understand your website and improving your overall rankings as soon as possible.





Keyword Research

I’ll build find the correct keywords that you need to target for your business, and build out a keyword map for you. Once the keyword map is established, we can decide what keywords we want to target first based on the priority. 





Citation Building

Citations are a very important part of your strategy when it comes to local SEO. In our local SEO package, we will build 50+ citations with consistent NAPW & also include citation clean up. Sounds interested? Lets get started



Client testimonial.

Learn how I was able to boost my clients traffic by 100% and increase their sales.

seo expert nyc dresean ryan

Make it big. Rank #1.

If you’re not first, you’re last -especially when it comes to Google. As an online entrepreneur myself, I’m tired of watching brilliant people fall on Google’s twelfth page and never seeing the success that they deserve, which is why I’ve brought my cutting-edge industry strategies right to your desktop.

Not only have I mastered my own digital marketing plan, but I’ve helped dozens of other companies scale their businesses, acquire more leads, and accomplish their dreams through SEO and digital marketing assistance.

So, if you’re really committed to doing it big, then you’ve come to the right place.

You deserve more than mediocre.


Don’t listen to the myths! Any ‘guru’ can throw some keywords on a page and try to rank for SEO, but there’s so much more to it then that. I help you break down all of the secrets to SEO.


Real SEO is site-wide ranking for dozens of high converting keywords. It provides a noticeable increase in profits. Proper SEO can take your business to the big leagues – quick.


Don’t settle in life! Don’t settle for bad coffee or bad SEO ‘gurus’. Great SEO yields great results, so invest in a seasoned professional that invests in your business.


Why choose me?

About Me

Constant Training

I stay a step ahead of the competition. I’m dedicated to my craft and to constantly maintaining and improving my education with the ever-evolving world of SEO. When it comes to my business, I don’t believe in autopilot: I believe in taking the driver’s seat and demanding results for your business.

Spotless Reputation

Over my years in the industry, I’ve worked with several different companies. Through it all, I’ve maintained a healthy and spotless reputation within the industry. Providing exceptional customer service is something I guarantee.

Ranking in Competitive Niches

Do you have a unique or competitive niche? Don’t worry. Using innovative software and intense procedures, I have the ability to rank in any niche – regardless how unique or competitive it may be.


Only half the equation.

Ranking #1 on Google is great, but not if your ideal client clicks off before buying anything.

The goal is leads, sales, and profits.

The secret that most SEO professionals don’t tell you: Ranking #1 is only half of the equation.

I work with you to help optimize your page to convert.

Exceptional local SEO is only half of the battle – I’ll take you the rest of the way.

A step above the rest. 

I’ve built my business on genuine client relationships. When you onboard, you’ll receive my total and undivided attention.

I’ll work with you to get the results that you want. After signing on with me, I’ll dive deep into your business model, products, and ideal customer, so I can prepare a tailored SEO strategy plan. Prepare for a high-octane lecture, because I make sure you get your money’s worth!

Our meetings take place over zoom, and we get to business talking about the important stuff: happy clients and big profits. I’ll audit your website, analyze what you’re doing well, and what needs improvements.

I’ll with you every step of the way until you know your SEO strategy plan like the back of your hand.


Local SEO packages.

LOCAL SEO Green Package



Custom SEO Strategy Tailored to Business Goals

Monthly Reporting

1 Strategy Call Per Month

Unlimited email support 

LOCAL SEO Blue Package



Custom SEO Strategy Tailored to Business Goals

Monthly Reporting

2 Strategy Calls Per Month

Unlimited email support 

LOCAL SEO Black Package



Custom SEO Strategy Tailored to Business Goals

Monthly Reporting

4 Strategy Calls Per Month 

Unlimited email support 

Let me help you get to the top.







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