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Passage indexing is a ranking update and ranking factor that allows Google to index specific passages from pages. Google will use artificial intelligence to find relevant content in a page, and then it ranks the content in Google as passages.

Passage indexing is important because it helps users find more relevant information that reflects what they’re searching. It’s also important because it emphasizes that Google is now more focused on specificity

I haven’t seen any official dates when this will be rolled out, but Google has said when it’s rolled out, it will affect 7% of all queries across all languages.

Google is constantly improving their algorithms and they’re always developing new ways to identify who has the best content on the web. From an SEO perspective, I believe that as these trends continue to happen, SEO professionals will have to have a bigger emphasis on marketing fundamentals rather than just understanding algorithms.

Soon monotonous tasks like adding keywords to content will no longer be a thing, and the people who will win on Google will win because they have the best content period. SEOs need to be more heavily invested in conducting the proper audience research as opposed to keyword research. AI isn’t going to take SEO away, but it’s going to force us to think more creatively as marketers and focus on solving real problems for users .


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