How I increased an E-Fitness companies traffic by 21% and revenue by 38%

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Back Story

This client is a virtual fitness E-Learning/E-Commerce company that focuses on helping people get in shape by providing them with products and training that are backed by scientific data. The vast majority of their traffic comes from social media, specifically, YouTube, as they have 5.5million subscribers.

Their goal was to make an effort to increase their growth on the website with organic search expand the presence of their website so they don’t have to be as heavily reliant on YouTube as a driver of traffic and sales. While their website did generate tons of organic searches, almost 80% of the searches were branded.


Our goal was to drive more upper funnel traffic to their website to build their brand awareness and to have 50% of their traffic as non-branded to build their revenue.


Many SEO companies think that they should only be responsible for generating the traffic, and the conversion portion is up to the client, but I do not believe in that – that’s why there were three key solutions provided to achieve the clients’ goal. 

The first two solutions were SEO-centric and the last was conversion-centric. I provided the client with a technical SEO audit and a content audit. The technical audit assessed if there was anything that could have been potentially holding their website back from performing as it should, while the content audit seeks to find areas of opportunity in the existing content, to see how that content can be optimized to drive the best results.

Content Audit 

The purpose of this document was to provide an overview of how the clients  website was ranking in search results, the opportunities to optimize and expand the site’s content, and the website’s ability to be crawled and indexed by major search engines. ]

 Findings from the content audit:

  • Our clients website was not optimized properly. There were too many pages that had structural issues with their heading tags, which was hindering the sites performance.
  • There were pages that were ranking on the first page of Google, in the lower positions that needed to be prioritized to be optimized over the creation of new content assets, as they would have must faster movement.
  • Our client was not optimizing for SERP features such as featured snippets, and there was a huge opportunity there.
  • International Market Expansion – There was an opportunity to expand outside of national SEO and target english speaking countries internationally to maximize our organic reach.

Optimize Existing Content Assets:
We prioritized optimizing existing content assets that were ranking on the first page of Google, but were ranking between position 6-10 for their primary keywords. We prioritized these pages because we knew that this could have a huge impact while simultaneously being low effort.

Keyword Research:
Identified keywords that would be easy to rank for, while also having the ability to drive non-branded traffic to the website.

We were able to increase their sessions by 21%, new sessions by 8%, new users by 32%, and revenue by 38% when comparing Q2 2023 to Q2 2022 (YoY). When comparing Q2 to Q1, our traffic was down by -1% but this was expected since that is a seasonal trend. However, even though our traffic was down, our revenue generated as a result of the CRO recommendations that we provided, was up by 50% which is the first time that this company had ever outperformed Q1 in revenue.

Dresean Ryan

Dresean Ryan

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