Divi Theme Review: The Easiest Drag & Drop Builder For WordPress

By Dresean Ryan | August 04, 2019

Brief Overview

Product: Divi Builder / Divi Theme

Price: There are two options. $89 or $249. (One time payment)

Founder: Nick Roach

Website: https://www.elegantthemes.com/

Affiliate Reviewer: Dresean Ryan

What You’re Going to Learn

If you’re searching for a Divi theme review, this article will teach you everything that you need to know so you can decide whether you would like to buy divi or not. If you do decide to buy Divi, I would like to let you know upfront that I am an affiliate for their theme because I’ve used it so much (In fact, I am using it on my website) and I would appreciate it if you could purchase through my affiliate link so I continue to make more informative articles like the one you’re about to read.

The Difference Between the Divi Theme and the Divi Builder

The Divi Theme is a customizable plugin available on WordPress. It includes various designs, themes and pages. Within the Divi Theme is the Divi Builder which acts as a building tool with multiple different modules to customise and alter with a simple ‘drag and drop’ action.

    Elements of the Divi Theme


    The most recent update of this plugin is Divi 3.18, it’s important to note that you should also update to WordPress 5.0 in order to use Divi 3.18 effectively and to its fullest potential. The installation of Divi is simple, quick and also lightweight meaning it takes up very little space. Upon installation of The Divi Theme, various different tools and menu items are added into your WordPress dashboard. 

    Drag and Drop Divi Builder

    The newest Divi update includes a fabulous drag and drop element which allows websites, e-commerce sites, blog pages and portals to be created with unbelievable ease. This addition allows you to remove, add, create and change your page using the drag and drop movement, without changing any of the original coding on your website.

    The drag and drop element of the builder works by moving your cursor over the menus from the pre-built modules, press down on the cursor and drag it to the area you want it on your page. This element makes creating content for your website an extremely easy task which requires little to no knowledge of website creation. 

    Another aspect of the new and improved Divi Builder is the ability to compare and contrast different themes using the plugin. This makes it easier for you to decide on which module you think is best suited to your website.


    divi theme builder review

    Customization Panel

    The Divi Builder customisation panel contains a large number of customisation options for your website pages. If you want to redesign the page, create a new one or even just change a few elements in the Divi Builder modules, the multiple possibilities are at your fingertips. 

    The customisation panel allows its users to update and change the fonts, colour scheme, the sizing of your images and content, the navigation of your page and much more. 

    With the ability to customise and redesign the different types of modules, they act as a perfect framework in the creation and adjustment for your own personalised website content designs.

    divi theme builder review

    Builder Page Layouts

    The Divi builder includes six elegant themes to choose from. With this includes multiple different pre-designed landing pages to choose from each of them are extremely customisable to suit your website. 

    The Divi themes also include ‘demo data’ and some even include live demo videos which explain the in’s and out’s to your selected theme. The demo data acts as a type of organiser for the theme, it places image holders and text boxes in multiple areas on the page, allowing you to paste your content in, quickly and easily. Although this is an option, the themes and pages are still adjustable and customisable. 

    Building Modules

    Page building can be a tedious task for anybody creating their own website, luckily with the drag and drop option and the forty-six building modules to select from, the Divi Builder makes this an extremely simple and fun task. 

    The building modules include multiple different selections including; call to action, testimonials, audio, divider, slider, blurbs and tabs. The Divi Builder modules are one of the most important and impressive factors of this plugin. Allowing the addition of multiple content modules through an extremely simple drag and drop process. 

    Divi Library

    The Divi Library is a fabulous addition which allows you to save all of the pages and themes which you’ve customized using your Divi Builder modules. This not only allows you to save your customized themes and pages, but it also allows you to re-design and re-customize the different themes and pages you’ve saved into your library. 

    This makes it such a simple process to recreate your favorite themes within seconds. 

    Pricing of Divi

    In order to be able to utilise the Divi Theme and Divi Builder by Elegant Themes, you’ll have to either select a yearly access or lifetime access. 

    The yearly access includes access to all themes, plugins and updates. It also includes premium support access, in the case of any confusion or emergencies, a risk free guarantee and a yearly fee. The yearly access fee is $89.00 a year.

    The lifetime access includes lifetime access to all themes, plugins, updates, support and also a risk free guarantee. The payment for the lifetime access is a one off fee of $249.00. 

    divi theme builder review

    The Pro’s Of The Divi Theme

    Divi Theme is an elegant online theme and page builder which allows complex customisation settings and flexability. One of the most prominant advantages of the Divi Theme is the Divi Builder. The Divi Builder is a tool which allows you to customise your website with a simple drag and drop tool for as many as fourty six different modules to select.

    Secondly, is it’s ease of use making it possible for those with even the smallest amount of experience in website creation, to create as many gorgeous pages and landing pages as they desire. There are also hundreads of online templates included within the theme which are all able to be customised and altered, even saved within an online library.

    Lastly, the Divi Theme is at a reasonable and considerably cheap price for the amount of options, templates, customisation and flexibility you recieve.

    How I Build Websites

    The Con’s Of The Divi Theme

    Although the Divi Theme seems it, nothing is perfect. The two main disadvantages of this plugin are the header fonts and the deactivation. The Divi Theme allows you to do almost anything apart from create custom headers and footers. However, it does give you a multiple amount to select from, so usually this is not an issue for majority of users.

    The second issue is the deactivation result. If you deactivate your subscription to Divi or if you decide to use a different plugin for your website, the content will essentially turn into short code. This is because th Divi Theme essentially uses shortcodes in order to format the content you’ve published into moduels, rows and collums on your website, therefore switching the theme or reloacting your website to another platform will result in the shortcode being visible.

    Although this is rather annoying, not just for you but for the potential visitors for your site due to the difficulty in figuring out the actual content, there were originally only two solutions; either don’t stop using the plugin or manually delete the shortcodes yourself.

    However, recently a plugin has been created called “Bye Bye Divi” which automatically deletes any form of shortcoding whilst keeping your content as it was. The con’s listed are a little annoying, but they’re simple and easily addressed. 

    How Does The Divi Theme Compare to its Competition?

    WordPress is an online website building software, currently used by 59% of the websites on the internet to this day.

    There are over 50,000 different plugins available for free or for purchase to help you create your dream website.

    Although the Divi Theme is one of the most popular, it also has some competition. The two main competitors for Divi are Beaver Builder and Elementor.


    Elementor is one of the biggest competitors for the Divi Theme plugin. The main reason for this is that it offers a free trial stage for those who want to test it out before purchase.

    Divi Theme and Elementor are both quite similar in the ways they look and operate. Both of them have very similar styling options, template libraries and interfaces.

    The differences are what sets Divi Theme up as the most successful of the two. Divi has two unique features which promote its position. These are A/B testing and a user role editor which allows the website creator to control the actions of different users.

    Beaver Builder

    Beaver Builder is another WordPress plugin which is glorified by website designers and those doing their own. It’s mostly popular amongst agencies as it’s surprisingly easy to use and has a library full of themes.

    The advantages of Beaver Builder are that it’s modern, reviewed as one of the most reliable page builders available and ideal for big agencies which are creating lots of websites for lots of clients.

    Although the website development whilst using the Beaver Builder seems older and slower during use.

    The Beaver Builder also doesn’t create messy short codes if you decide to use a different plugin or platform for your website.

    Compared to the Divi Theme, the Beaver Builder costs more money to access an additional theme builder and lacks a form builder.

    It also may require you to purchase a third-party plugin or add on to access more features. It’s also slightly less value for price, since you may need to purchase add ons, and there are other similar online website tools which are lower in price.

    Overall, the Beaver Builder is a strong competitor for the Divi Theme, although it does lack some aspects Divi does not.

    The biggest disadvantage of the Beaver Builder is that it costs extra for a theme builder, it lacks a form builder and to access extra features there are extra costs through a third party.

    My Conclusion of The Divi Theme/Builder

    The Divi Theme was created by Elegant Themes in 2013 and has already reached its newest version of Divi Theme 3.18. The Divi theme is one of the most popular plugins available on WordPress. It’s a website creating tool which requires little to no experience in creating or enhancing your website. The end results are elegant and attractive websites that no doubt the users viewing it will love.  

    It’s multiple different features such as the Divi Builder, library, customisation and building modules create an easy, attractive and versatile online platform for creating the website of your dreams.  As of today, there are approximately 2,335,034 customers and it’s no wonder why. Although there are an extremely large number of available plugins for WordPress, including Elementor and Beaver Builder, the elements and features of Divi Theme result in its popularity and praise.

    Overall, if you’re looking at creating a website either for yourself as a freelancer or an agency, the Divi Theme is the plugin for you. It’s ease of use, customisation, versatility and the access of support from the Divi Support centre which allows contact with the Divi Team and allows their members access to the tools required to fix your issue, make this plugin the absolute perfect one for you.