The Complete Digital Marketing Checklist

This list will be composed of some important things that Digital Marketers should be using to complete their task in an efficient way.

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 Note: You do not NEED these tools, but I think they help to make your job easier

Digital Marketing Checklist


Content Management System

If you prefer not to build a website from scratch, there are many content management systems, but my go to is usually WordPress. If if you’re looking for an alternative though, Squarespace is the next best one that I recommend.

WordPress Plugins

Ecommerce Platforms

Keyword Research Tools

Customer Relationship Management System

Outreach Tools

Local SEO

For Local SEO, I recommend these tools below:

Email Marketing Tools

Data Tools

Video Editing Tools

Streaming Software

Chrome Extensions

Marketing Productivity Tools


  • Michael Jackson
  • J. Cole
  • Drake
  • Kendrick Lamar
  • A Boogie
  • Anoyd
  • Jon Bellion
  • Jhene Aiko

Page Speed Optimization Tools

SEO Audit Tools

I’ve found that these tools are my favorite for doing site analysis and SEO audits.

Competitor Analysis Tool

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