Isaac Rudansky “Agency Overdrive” (Review)

By Dresean Ryan | July 1, 2019

Brief Overview

Course: Agency Overdrive

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Founder: Isaac Rudansky



I’ve personally used Isaac Rudansky’s courses throughout my marketing career and they have helped me tremendously, I recommend them to anyone.

Agency Overdrive: The Reality of Starting An Digital Agency


Creating a digital marketing business can be a tedious task if you don’t know what you’re doing. The Agency Overdrive course intends to make this process easier for you by giving you the guidance you need. When creating a digital agency, most people don’t consider the tasks, programs, and processes which take place behind the scenes.

Issac Rudansky began with a small digital marketing agency starting with clients paying as little as 80 dollars for his services.  Today his company, AdVenture Media, is one of the most successful digital marketing companies around with clients such as Forbes, Harley Davidson and Ferrari Long Island.

On the side, Rudansky also runs online seminars to teach others how to be successful marketers much like himself.  His new online course Agency Overdrive was created to teach others not only how to start a digital marketing agency but also the admin tasks that many people forget to look at such as

  • How to invoice clients
  • Billing strategies
  • Formulas and calculations
  • How to analyse data
  • Conversion rate strategies
  • Google Ads strategies
  • Facebook Ad strategies

And even proposals for potential clients.

There are several modules in the course that I will cover in this review so that you have a full understanding of what you’ll learn with this course.

    Billing And Invoicing

    Invoicing and billing clients can be a tricky task for those new to the digital business world.

    Issac Rudansky’s Agency Overdrive outlines the various different billing strategies to propose to your clients based on your relationship with them, as well as the budget and expectations held by the client.

    This module includes not only spreadsheets and lecture slides, but also information on ROAS, bonuses, and the impact of influencers.

    ROAS Bonus Model: More Profit and Happier Clients

    The first module of this category explores the idea of creating a ROAS bonus model (return on advertisement spending) model from scratch. 

    As a digital marketer, it’s likely that you’re charging your clients for Facebook advertisements, landing page design, SEO, google advertisements and LinkedIn campaigns based off of their spending.

     The ROAS system ultimately charges clients on how much their spending, ie percentage of ad spend. 

    This course not only gives an in-depth explanation and analysis on how to create a ROAS model and use it for your clients but also explains how to add a bonus model for your clients to increase your profitability.

    Rudansky explores in detail his methods and approaches to successfully pitching a bonus model to his clients and how to calculate it. 

    The benefits of a ROAS system with an added bonus model is that your digital marketing company gains leverage and appears more authentic, not to mention your company will earn more money off of a bonus scheme.

    Rudansky’s course includes a thorough breakdown on a ROAS bonus model and also an excel spreadsheet template, complete with calculations allowing you to predict and analyze the current return on advertising spending for your client.

    Profitable Client Billing Strategies

    Rudansky’s course also outlines a large number of possible billing strategies in order to charge your clients for the work you do. Exploring in great detail the benefits and disadvantages of a range of methods including; flat fee, performance based, bracketed fixed management fee, graduated percentage of spend and a fixed percentage of spend. 

    Rudansky focuses on which one will maximize the likelihood of long-term client retention while maximizing the profitability over the duration of the client relationship.

    marketing school curriculum

    ROI Influencer Marketing Spend

    In the new age of influencer marketing, it’s important that you understand how to calculate the possible return of investment (ROI), the current ROI and the impact having an influencer working with your client will have on their overall brand. 

    Rudansky includes a google spreadsheet to help you learn and apply these calculations.

     This course module is a must for digital marketing businesses as it not only contains multiple spreadsheets, calculators and lectures on how to invoice clients based on the held relationship, how to pitch and perfect a bonus strategy but also the ROI for influences.

    Formulas, Calculations, And Analysis

    Starting a digital marketing business requires an investment, not only for the initial start-up but also for the continuous running of your business. Without the right knowledge and tools to reach a break even in profit, it’s a possibility that you may lose your investment, and maybe even more. 

    Taking the time to understand and memorize formulas for your clients adds to your leverage as a marketer and also shows your clients that you’re committed towards their brand.

    Breakeven And Cost Per Conversion

    Reaching the first breakeven point as a company can come off as tedious and difficult. Rudansky explains his initial difficulties in remembering the formulas and applying them to not only his own, but also his clients finances. 

    This course includes calculations for figuring out how much you need to earn to reach a breakeven and also the cost per conversion. With a detailed walkthrough though both of these equations and an excel spreadsheet included, the formulas, calculations and analysis are a simple hurdle. 

    Rudansky also expressed his client’s appreciation of the use of formulas and calculations, explaining that it increases the company’s value by helping clients understand the financial breakdown of their business.

    Analyzing The Financial Impact Of A Free Offer Funnel

    The second part of this module explores the idea of offering clients a free trial for your services. Although it may seem like a sure way to reduce your ROI, it may deem itself profitable for future strong and long-lasting client relationship. 

    Rudansky includes an in-depth analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of offering this for clients and a spreadsheet for the funnel calculations.

     This module allows you, as a digital marketing business owner to understand the importance of running your business from a less creative side and more financial one. 

    Rudansky’s formulas and excel spreadsheets allows you to analyse, solve and predict the amount needed to reach breakeven, the cost per conversion and also predict the possibility of what is likely to occur in terms of profit and conversions.

    Advanced Conversion Rate Optimization Strategies

    Working as a digital marketer, you may already understand the difficulty in converting your leads into clients. The most important thing for your business to run efficiently is to understand and apply specific strategies in order to maximize the likelihood of leads converting.

    A Preview Of How Isaac Teaches

    The Fogg Behavior Model: Landing Page Design Best Practices to Increase Conversion Rate

    Performing Heuristic Analysis For Landing Pages And Websites

    A heuristic analysis is a technique where the usability of the interface (ie website or application) is studied and evaluated based on a set of principles including; accessibility, communication and clarity. 

    Using the set of guidelines tends to result in good interface activity, making it a useful optimization strategy. Rudansky explains this in great details and also includes a PowerPoint template for you to pitch to your clients and also a sample analysis.

    Using Google Optimize to Setup An A/B Test

    A/B testing is an experiment that digital marketers participate in, it includes a variety of sample pages from your website which are randomly showed to a group of users.

    It effectively provides insight on the user preference, ultimately aiding in optimizing your conversions.

    Rudansky includes an explanation on how to use Google Optimize in order to setup an A/B test. 

    With an on-screen walkthrough calculator, Rudansky makes this confusing task into a strikingly simple one.

    Analyzing A/B Test Results

    Once you’ve run your A/B test, you may be quite confused on what the data actually means. Luckily, the module includes a step-by-step walkthrough and explanation on how to analyse your A/B test data.

     The two methods in this course allow you, as a digital marketer to play around with different advanced conversion rate optimization strategies and figure out which one works best for you and your clientele.

    Advanced Google Ads Strategies

    As a digital marketer, you may already know that Google has a platform called Google Ads. Google Ads acts as an online advertising platform and publishes your advertising in videos, applications and search bars. This course gives a run-down on the different and advanced strategies to use while you get familiar with Google Ads.

    Understanding L-R Ratios

    Upon the use of Google Ads, it is important to understand the Lin-Rodnitzky Ratio. This was a ratio created by the team at 3Q digital. It virtually analyses the overall cost per lead you receive through Google Ads. Rudansky gives a thorough walkthrough on how to use and apply this ratio.

    Experimenting With Automated Bidding Strategies

    Automated bidding strategies are a component of Google Ads which allows your campaigns to reach the maximum number of leads based off of your set cost per click (CPC) and cost per action (CPA). Rudansky explores the different google bidding strategies and analyses them in detail, in order to decipher the most effective and efficient automated bidding strategy. This module teaches the steps of activating this feature, and also analysing it and how to adjust your variables to match and reach your optimal reach.

    Product Level Analysis in Google Shopping Campaigns

    Google shopping campaigns allow retailers a platform to advertise their products and websites in order to drive more traffic and increase brand awareness.

    In this module Rudansky gives a detailed walkthrough on how to use and optimize Google Shopping and uncover conversion rate opportunities for clients. Rudansky also explores the possibilities of other reasons conversion rates have dropped or plateaued, including a range of ideas on how to increase them.

     This category explores all the important aspects of Google Ads and the strategies included. With multiple walkthroughs on how to adjust and understand the results coming from conversions and also how to use the platform, this is an important and undeniably useful tool for any online digital marketing agency. 

    Agency Overdrive Facebook Ads Training

    With the rise of digital marketing, advertising through Facebook has become increasingly popular. Facebook’s algorithms and ad services create an efficient and effective platform to push ads through. In this category, Rudansky explains the in’s and out’s to Facebook Ads including how to use it, set it up and how to analyse the audiences.

    Lookalike Audiences In Facebook

    Lookalike audiences are groups of people with similar interests to your existing customers. Rudansky goes in depth on helping you to understand lookalike audiences in Facebook and how to optimise this feature.

    Creating Dynamic Ad Campaigns In Facebook

    In this module, you will learn in detail how to create a dynamic Facebook ad through a thorough walkthrough by Rudansky on the creation, analysis and adjustments of your Facebook ads.

    Facebook Pixel and Setting Up Custom Conversions

    Facebook pixels can be a very tedious and confusing tool to understand. It’s a code which goes on a website and allows the tracking of users and conversions.

    The Facebook alphanumeric string creates a database of leads which have loaded your page. This module explains how to install the pixel and analyse the data collected.

    Rudansky explains how to use Facebook Ads to collect conversions and create audiences through codes, advertisements and Facebook Ads features

    Agency Overdrive Client Proposal Method

    Proposing your services to a lead can be a daunting process. Choosing the lead, creating the proposal dialogue or text and calling or emailing the lead can be a confusing and difficult task, especially if it’s your first. This category runs through the best time, method and approach to sending out customizable proposals to your clients, ultimately resulting in an optimal conversion rate.

    Conclusion of Agency Overdrive by Isaac Rudansky

    Issac Rudansky’s online course is an essential for anybody thinking about creating an online digital marketing business. The information in the course contains industry skills such as billing and invoicing which are essential to running a successful business. On top of this, Rudansky includes multiple online digital strategies and the methods to analyse them. Overall this course is a must have for businesses starting up or even struggling.

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