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Here’s the raw truth.

I started my career in SEO four years ago when I realized the value that I could offer to business owners. I realized the power of this skill after buying a bunch of online courses and reading blogs while working as a full-time security officer. At that point in my life, I was making $12 an hour and living check to check.

I dreaded working as a security guard. This was mainly because I felt like I wasn’t doing anything with my life. I worked at a Biopharma called Kedrion, and all I used to do was sit at my desk and answer phone calls all day. When I had free time, I used to play video games, and I hadn’t planned on going back to school because I was damn near homeless and I needed to make money. I worked 16 hours a day just to make ends meet, and I took my games to keep me awake during the night shift.

I thought I was doing everything right, because I was able to pay my bills even though I was barely getting by. But, where I’m from, that was good enough. That was the norm. Get a job paying $12-20 an hour, stay out of prison, and you’re set. If you did that, you were the Jeff Bezos of my neighborhood.

But I started to realize that wasn’t the norm when I was working at Kedrion and saw that there were people my age on six figure salaries. Being in that environment inspired me to do more with myself. That’s when I scoured the internet in search of something to do that was better than what I was doing, and that’s how I found SEO.

My philosophy and worldview. 

“How you view what you do will always impact how you do what you do. Perspective drives performance every day of the week”

Making an impact.

After learning about SEO and getting into the field, I managed to hit all the monetary goals that I wanted to accomplish. I made six figures by the age of 23, something that I never thought would even be possible. I also worked with a multitude of large brands such as Aetna, Cigna, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. I’ve been able to launch campaigns that have made millions of dollars, and I had a lot of fun doing so.

But, I’m now a full-time entrepreneur and have a multitude of income streams. As an entrepreneur myself, the way I view things have changed. I no longer only look at the amount of money I am making, as I was before, but the amount of impact that I am making. The value of “impact” is contextual. If I make Chase Bank a million dollars, it’s just a million dollars. But if I help an SEO freelancer increase their income from 50k to 100k yearly, the 50% increase will have a much greater impact on their lives.

That’s why I decided to start coaching SEO freelancers. Because I remember when I first got my foot in the door with this line of work, and how hard it was for me to grow my income simply because I didn’t have guidance.


Coaching with purpose.

As you read earlier, when I first discovered SEO, I didn’t even think making 6 figures was possible, and now I do that with ease, and I feel anyone can accomplish this as long as they put their mind to it. Moral of the story, I started coaching to help SEO freelancers get to the next level in their business, and bring out the person within themselves that they didn’t know existed..

I also genuinely enjoy working with others who just want to get further in life and their career as a whole, those are the types of people that I always try to surround myself with.

Let me help you get to the top.







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