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I’m Dresean, and if there’s one thing I know, it’s business. You can find me somewhere around the Big Apple with my laptop in hand, helping my clients expand their online presence and generate more leads. By using my extensive SEO background, I’ve helped organizations around the globe scale their business by using the most powerful tool available: The Internet.

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I’m a passionate SEO specialist that loves to help businesses flourish. Uncover the true potential of your business by optimizing your online presence and making a splash in your industry.

This Is My Story

I developed the skills for business when I was a child. At just six years old, my mother bought me a bicycle with training wheels. We had set a time for her to teach me to ride it the following day. However, dedicated and determined, I woke up and searched high and low for a screwdriver. I carefully took the training wheels off, all by myself, revealing a shiny, new, two-wheeler bicycle.

Without hesitation, I hopped on and began to ride it. I endured the pain of constantly falling, but I kept getting up. Scraped knees and full of pride, I learned how to ride before my mother got up that morning.

I’ve never wanted a head start, and my competitive drive has always run in my veins. To this day, I’ve never felt that any mountain was too big to climb – instead, I may just fall down, get up, and try again. This resilience has proved to be a great asset in my business career.

This behavior was ingrained in me by my mother. I have watched her tackle adversity time and time again.

 My mother taught me many lessons, but one of the best pieces of advice that my mother has ever given me is, “Son, whatever you start, you must finish.” My commitment to each task I tackle has dominated my thoughts – from riding a bike to tripling my client’s sales.  

I am a self-taught Digital Marketing strategist who has learned marketing by doing tactics such as Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, & more on my own websites.

I’ve made plenty of mistakes but have overcome them all, and through that experience as well as my competitive drive, I have developed the fundamentals & skills needed to achieve success.


What I’ve done & what I can do

I provide SEO and ASO Strategy for businesses that want to scale their sales, traffic, and leads. I also provide digital coaching for individuals looking to learn how to jumpstart their career in digital marketing.

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