I’m Dresean, a passionate SEO specialist

that loves to help businesses flourish.

You’re probably wondering to yourself “Who is Dresean” & “What makes him different?”

This Is My Story:

When I was at the age of just six years old, my mother bought me a bicycle with training wheels. She said she was going to teach me how to ride it in the morning.

The next day, dedicated and determined, I took the training wheels off myself and learned to ride it on my own. I endured the pain of constantly falling but I kept getting up and still going until I finally learned to ride.

I did so without using training wheels. In life, I’ve never wanted a head start. I think I’d chalk it up to my competitive drive, I’ve always wanted to start at the same position as everyone else, but leave the competitors in the dust.

The best piece of advice my mother has given me is “Son, whatever you start, you must finish.” Needless to say, my level of commitment to the tasks at hand had been ingrained in me at a young age and continues to dominate my thoughts and efforts.

Fast forward eighteen years later, never losing sight of that vision, I am still the same way.

I am a self-taught Digital Marketing strategist who has learned marketing by doing tactics such as Search Engine Optimization, Paid Search, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, & more on my own websites.

I’ve made plenty of mistakes but have overcome them all, and through that experience as well as my competitive drive, I have developed the fundamentals & skills needed to achieve success.