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I help SEOs grow their income by monetizing their knowledge through content creation, courses, and consulting.

Are you tired of chasing down clients and feeling discouraged?

Tired of cold calling and sending cold emails? I’ve been there before and I dreaded it. I hated trying to convince people that they should work with me. I hated the fact that if I did convince them to work with me, they wouldn’t pay me my worth upfront because they didn’t value SEO. Another one of my biggest pet peeves was explaining that SEO is a long term strategy – I despised it.

Unfortunately, those are the roadblocks you’ll face when reaching out to a cold audience. That’s why I stopped cold calling and cold emailing. It’s why I developed a framework that has enabled me to get in front of my target audience, an audience that will value who I am and what I do. These methods that I’ve developed have gotten me freelance opportunities from companies such as Hubspot, Feeld, and Merkle. It has made my life much easier as a consultant, and I want to share it with you.

So trust when I say, I can relate to the struggles that you’re going through. I’ve been there before, and through years of struggle, as well as, investing thousands of dollars in workshops and courses, I’ve learned the formula to monetize your knowledge without feeling discouraged.

I’ll develop a custom roadmap to help you achieve your goals. 

Lead Generation

I’ll show you how to monetize your knowledge while attracting leads so you don’t have to feel discouraged. 

Branding & Positioning

Having a solid brand is more than having a nice website and a cool logo. I’ll show you how to brand yourself and craft a message that resonates with your audience.

Systems & Processes

Without the right systems and processes in place, it’s hard to scale your business. You need a process so you can systematize your business and let it run on autopilot.

My promise to you.

I’ll give you the tools you need to succeed and live a more purposeful life, if you agree to commit to the process. I’ll help turn your dreams to a reality like I’ve been able to do for my clients.

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Understanding my passion.

The average person spends 173 hours per month working at their job. That’s a lot of hours. Think about what you could do for yourself with that amount of time? You’d live a more purposeful life surrounded by things you like to do. I believe everyone should control their destiny and dictate their life. That’s why my goal is help you do so. For me,  it truly feels invigorating.


Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Let’s work together. 

My latest blog posts.

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User Intent Optimization: The #1 Secret To Doubling Your Traffic

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